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Librettos of Strange Fantasy


A unique Horror Audio Drama Podcast.

Haunting tales, crafted to guarantee thrill and mystery, shock and illusion, phantom and imagination... Close your eyes and listen.
Utilizing the tactic of immersion, we bring a third, contemporary option to the audio entertainment market, the Audio Drama. You can only listen to so much music, and people talk, we humbly offer opportunities to get lost in a good story.. on your way to work, at the gym, or while doing chores around the house.
Founded in 2015 by brothers Travis Scarbro and Trey Gonzales, Librettos of Strange Fantasy is a new take on something old. Heavily inspired by the Horror/Fantasy genre, and old time radio mysteries, the two brothers sought to bring a unique input to the art of the audio drama; by incorporating their love for the Strange and Obscure.
We help to discover great talent, locally and otherwise, and give them a platform in which to be showcased.  Our long term goals are to continue to bring free and excellent content to audiences like you, and one day bring our show to a live-action format.
In conclusion, We exist to entertain you, and ourselves.


reoccurring cast

Travis scarbro - trey gonzales - martina ohlhauser -

 heath allyn - cortney michelle hafner - veronica orosco -

dale russell green jr. - robert c. williams


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  • Season 2 has Concluded!!! Be sure to catch up on all past episodes! 

  • Casting for Season 3 will begin Fall 2017

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